April 2013

Upcoming Photoshoots In May

I am proud to announce that I now can confirm my first two shoots for the month of May. Those two shoots will be with Blk Jeez (Rashad Cameron) & the lovely Veda Scott. I have worked with Jeez many of times in the wrestling world but this will be our first studio shoot. This upcoming shoot with Veda Scott will be our 2nd studio shoot together. I am looking forward to working to both shoots because both of these people are some out the most creative people I know.

Photoshoot With Kimber Lee To End The Weekend

Today I have my latest photoshoot with the beautiful & multi talented Kimber Lee. This will be our 4th shoot together and promises to be the most elegant. In the world of wrestling, Kimber Lee has been making a huge name for herself as of late. Not only has she recently made her debut in Shine but, she also just made a lasting impression in her debut at Shimmer earlier this month. Kimber Lee is always fun to work with and she’s just an all around great person. This is definitely a great way to end the weekend off.


Crazy Mary Dobson Photoshoot Postponed

The planned photoshoot with Crazy Mary Dobson this week ended up being delayed & will be rescheduled for a date sometime in the near future. Due to weather in the area she was in, flights were delayed. Even though both myself & Miss Dobson were both looking forward to this shoot, we both know there’s nothing you can do with Mother Nature. But, we do both know that we will have one awesome shoot next time around. This would have been my first theme photoshoot with Crazy Mary Dobson & also her first overall photoshoot.

Upcoming Photoshoot With Crazy Mary Dobson

This week I will be performing my first one on one photoshoot with rising women’s wrestler Crazy Mary Dobson. In her young career, she has already began traveling the world & making a name of herself. This isn’t the first time I’ve had the chance to work with Crazy Mary Dobson in some sort of capacity. In late 2012, we had a chance to work together when her, & international women’s wrestlers, Aky & Mia Yim all joined focus to represent Reina World Joshi Puroresu from Japan at the October Real Championship Wrestling (RCW) show. This time around we look to make a very artistic exciting photoshoot.